Ans. Battery has a cycle life, so it all depends on how many cycles we use in a day and that is what decides the battery life.

Ans. Each battery has a flat warranty as well as Prorata warranty. So customer should refer to warranty policies before buying a battery.

Ans. Replacement process depends upon warranty policy. There are two types of Warranties:
A) Flat Warranty – In it, Customer will get replacement in the mentioned period.
b) Prorata warranty—Customer will get discount on prevailing MRP.
Before buying, we advise you to go through the entire Warranty Terms and Conditions.

Ans. For the longer life of battery and good battery performance, it is recommended that you should pour battery grade water into battery after every 2-3 months

Ans. If company is giving onsite warranty, then you should report to company. Else you should contact the dealer.

Ans. Anupam Enterprise batteries has come up with new technology i.e. HCCA technology for Automotive batteries which ensures that our batteries are designed for harsh terrain and extreme conditions and ELDC Technology for inverter battery which makes sure that your battery perfomrs in worst power conditions.

Ans. Anupam Batteries are low maintenance; lead acid batteries. So nature of this battery is said to be flooded battery.

Ans. Number of batteries required for inverter depends on Inverter, circuit voltage e.g.

Circuit voltagebattery required
and so on....

Ans. For the longer life of battery and good battery performance, you should pour battery grid water into battery after every 2-3 months.

Ans. It depend upon the consumption of home.

400 VA 88 – 135 AH
600VA150 – 180 AH
800 VA150 – 200 AH
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